Stable and Riding Program Manager: Lauren Handley

Lauren is originally from the Peachtree City/Newnan area, where she grew up riding on the local hunter jumper and equitation tracks with a mix of green ponies and Thoroughbreds. She attended the University of Georgia from 2016-2019 where she received her BA in Finance with an international business emphasis. While at school, she competed on UGA’s IHSA hunt seat team for three years under trainer Kelly Boltz, while working at the barn as well. She came to love the team style and her trainer's thoughtful approach to coaching and training.


After graduation, she went on the road with Irish Nation’s Rider Darragh Kerins and his clients to the Tryon Summer series, Kentucky Horse Park, American Gold Cup (Old Salem, NY), and Longines Global Champions Tour (Governor's Island NY), where she picked up her newfound appreciation for jumpers along with the attention to detail and level of care required for FEI horses.


From here, Lauren spent four years on Wall Street getting some use out of that finance degree - first at Wolfe Research's sell-side equity research shop (healthcare team and sales floor), and then for Citadel Asset Management/Surveyor Capital (healthcare team). Lauren also taught lessons on weekends at a stable in Leonia, NJ. She eventually reunited with her horse Bouncer in NJ...only to now return back to their roots! 


After a rigorous run in the field of finance, Lauren came to realize that her drive and passion for the equestrian community began to outweigh Wall Street. And so – the hunt began for an opportunity to combine the horses with her business and finance background – landing her here with us at the beautiful GB’s! We are so thrilled to have her join our team as she is already demonstrating great ideas, attention to detail, and respectable work ethic.

Assisting Staff: Sonia Oliveira Rocha

Sonia is a talented equestrian who has spent the majority of her life working with horses. Originally from Portugal, she now lives in Atlanta with her husband and children, but her love of horses has remained a constant throughout her life.


With years of experience in the equine industry, Sonia has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to care for and train horses to their full potential. She is dedicated to ensuring that each and every horse she works with receives the highest quality of care, and she takes great pride in helping everyone around the barn.


One of Sonia's greatest accomplishments is her international success in competing on French Saddlebred horses. Her dedication to her craft and natural talent as a rider have allowed her to excel in the competitive world of equestrian sports. She has traveled the world, competing against some of the best riders and horses in the sport, and has earned a reputation as a skilled and respected competitor.


Today, Sonia continues to share her passion for horses with us by providing top-notch horse care and training services to our boarders. Whether she is exercising horses for clients or working to develop their skills and abilities, Sonia is committed to helping every horse reach their full potential. Best of all, she does all of this with her bright, beautiful, signature smile!

Assisting Staff: Jessica Smith

Jessica "Jess" Smith, a cherished member of the GB's Stable family, wears many hats both inside and outside the barn. With over 5 years as a dedicated boarder, her journey with us has been a testament to her unwavering commitment to the well-being of our equine companions. When Jess isn't tending to her beloved horses, Grizzly and her current lease addition, Maybelle, she can be found sharing her love for learning with young minds. As an educator, Jess imparts knowledge and fosters a nurturing environment for children to grow and thrive. 


Her experience as an incredibly skilled rider is matched only by her genuine love for all the horses at the barn. Her compassionate care extends beyond her own equine partners, making her a foremost caregiver to every horse under our stable roof. Whether she's guiding young minds in the classroom or sharing tender moments with Grizzly and Maybelle in the barn, Jess embodies the spirit of passion, dedication, and love that defines the GB's Stable community.

Assisting Staff: Kari Remington Ablinger

In the bustling heart of GB's Stable, you'll find Kari—a name synonymous with family, generosity, adventure and pure heart. Kari, along with her family, has been an integral part of the equestrian world, with extensive experience in various disciplines, from dressage and western riding to driving and even vaulting! When she's not gracefully navigating the diverse needs of the barn, Kari transforms into a joy-spreading maestro during barn events, birthday parties and summer camp.


Her energy and commitment to tend to every need of our four-legged friends and, let's face it, all the two-legged visitors as well, make her a cornerstone of our stable's caring environment. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for horses and people alike create an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie that defines the GB's Stable experience. Kari is a beacon of family values, generosity, and boundless heart—who continues to weave the threads of love into the fabric of our cherished GB's community. And if you're wondering...yes, that is a kitten in her backpack!

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