Boarding Information

GB's Stable has many Boarding Options to ensure the flexibility and quality of care that you desire.  All caretaking services are provided independently by the manager and her staff, and are not provided by GB's Stable itself: 


  1. Partial Board: Great for owners who want to care for their own horse. Requires owner to clean their stall, turn in and out, as well as feed.  Owner purchases own grain/hay.  ($300 per month)   
  2. Partial/Full Board: Allows owners with rotating schedules to care for their horse, but utilize caretakers when needed. Owner provides grain/hay. ($300, plus per diem fee of $6 stall cleaning, $4.50 morning care, $4.50 evening care)
  3. Premium Full Board: $940-1160 (includes $300 for stall)
    1. Holding for regular scheduled vet and farrier appointments
    2. Premium Grain: Includes up to 5 bags of premium feed per month up to $32 per bag.
    3. Bermuda hay: Includes up to 12 bales of Bermuda hay per month up to $12.00 per bale; unloaded
    4. Round bales available 
    5. Supplements: We will feed supplements that are supplied by the horse’s owner.
    6. Applying fly spray, fly mask in the summer, and blankets in the winter. (all supplied by horse’s owner.)
  4. Full Board: $760 ($300 for board; $460 for care) same as Premium Full Board except owner pays SEPARATELY for grain/hay separately. (credit cards can be left on file at feed stores)
  5. Co-op: Allows you to share care with others or pay someone else an amount you decide for care. (Partial board rate of $300 applies)


$75 for new semi-private; $150 for private grass paddock

Custom Care/ Board prices may be given if your horse’s needs differ from what we offer above.


Boarding Contact: Onalee Siegfried

(404) 855-0711




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