Our Barn

After serving the Equestrian Community of Metro Atlanta for 30+ years we have seen our facility grow and improve through the years, but we realized that with time comes age and the need for change grows, therefore after a lot of planning and research we determined the way to make our facility the best that it could be was for us to tear down two of our existing barns and build a new facility.


On September 20th we opened the new barn to the community to our boarders. As many of you know not only is this one our businesses, this has also been our family’s home for sixty years, which is why we want it to be second to none. We feel that our new facility will exemplify the commitment we have to the equestrian Community of metro Atlanta.


-44 stalls (12x10)

-Level footing with stall mats

-Automatic waterers

-Sliding doors

-Feed slots

-Crib-free sides

-Wooden panels with bars on fronts and sides

-3x4 Windows and outside shutters for stalls

-Individual lights

-Fan holders

-13 individual tack rooms with lights and locked doors

-2 hot/cold water wash racks

-24x20 lounge with refrigerator, sink, bar, heating/ac

-Sealed shavings bin in barn

-Men and Women’s rest rooms

-14x10 work shop

-24x10 feed storage room

-18x10 equipment garage

-Triple aisles, 10 foot wide, connecting 12 foot aisle

-Patio and grilling area

-Covered entry


-Graveled trailer parking area

-11 exterior entrances

-Over 13,625 of floor space

-Driveway around barn