Barn Manager: Onalee Siegfried

Onalee was born and raised in Wisconsin, where she rode and took lessons as a child. Her parents realized quickly the impact horses would have on their daughter's life. Growing up, Onalee enjoyed trail riding and spending the summers at horse camp. In high school, she was an active member of her local 4-H and FFA clubs. She had the opportunity to ride and compete at the county fairs and schooling shows.


Onalee has had incredible teachers, both horse and human, who taught and pushed her to love the sport and want to continue to grow as a rider and trainer. She believes that a soft seat and quiet hands are the keys to a successful ride and relationship. After high school, Onalee attended the University of Wisconsin River Falls and she found her love for the jumper ring and working with OTTBs. During her time at university, she also had the opportunity to manage and groom at a reiner barn. This was an eye-opening experience to ride and appreciate another discipline. She believes that there is something to learn from every rider.


Onalee moved to Florida and groomed for an Olympic Eventer and spent there and in Virginia during the competition seasons. Onalee found a love for eventing and the horses involved. She took every opportunity to learn more about the sport and groom at a high level. This was a fast-paced environment that required pristine organizational skills and a strong work ethic. Onalee is well versed in multiple disciplines including Hunter Jumpers, Jumpers, Reiners, Pleasure and Equitation, Showmanship, and Eventing.


Onalee will graduate next spring with her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. She will then pursue her Master’s in Business to give her even greater skills in managing GB’s Stable.


Onalee is eager to grow her passion in Georgia and enjoy the warmer weather. She will be introducing a lesson and training program at GB’s Stables. This program will include many disciplines and all ages of riders. She wants to further her student's riding skills, as well as continuing to advance on her own.

Assisting Staff: Sonia Oliveira Rocha

Sonia is a talented equestrian who has spent the majority of her life working with horses. Originally from Portugal, she now lives in Atlanta with her husband and children, but her love of horses has remained a constant throughout her life.


With years of experience in the equine industry, Sonia has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to care for and train horses to their full potential. She is dedicated to ensuring that each and every horse she works with receives the highest quality of care, and she takes great pride in helping everyone around the barn.


One of Sonia's greatest accomplishments is her international success in competing on French Saddlebred horses. Her dedication to her craft and natural talent as a rider have allowed her to excel in the competitive world of equestrian sports. She has traveled the world, competing against some of the best riders and horses in the sport, and has earned a reputation as a skilled and respected competitor.


Today, Sonia continues to share her passion for horses with us by providing top-notch horse care and training services to our boarders. Whether she is exercising horses for clients or working to develop their skills and abilities, Sonia is committed to helping every horse reach their full potential. Best of all, she does all of this with her bright, beautiful, siganture smile!

Assisting Staff: Courtney Salmon

Courtney is an accomplished equestrian who has a deep passion for horses. She attended Berry College, where she competed in Eventing on their esteemed equestrian team. During her time there, she honed her riding skills and developed a strong bond with her equine partner, Grayson -  a beautiful, powerful horse with a gentle nature that belies his strength. Together, they have competed in numerous horse shows and events, showcasing their skills and expertise.


In addition to her equestrian pursuits, Courtney is also a dedicated "puppy mom". She has a sweet little puppy named Remi, who is often seen accompanying her to the barn. Remi is a beloved companion who brings joy and love to Courtney's life as well as our boarders.


One of Courtney's greatest strengths is her excellent care of horses. She is deeply committed to ensuring that all of the horses in her care are healthy, happy, and well-cared for. She spends countless hours at the barn, tending to the horses' needs, grooming them, and providing them with plenty of love and attention. Overall, Courtney is a talented, passionate, and caring equestrian who is deeply devoted to horses and her beloved puppy Remi. She is a wonderful role model for young, aspiring equestrians.

Assisting Staff: Meagan Franklin

Meagan is a remarkable individual with a heart for both caring for babies and horses. She is a neonatal nurse who is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for infants in their earliest days of life. Meagan's passion for nursing is matched only by her love for horses, particularly her equine companion, Maybelle.


Maybelle is a beautiful Thoroughbred mare that Meagan adopted from New Vocations, a non-profit organization that helps rehome former racehorses. Given Maybelle's background, Meagan strives to grow their relationship grounded in trust and mutual respect. Meagan spends countless hours at the barn, tending to Maybelle's needs, grooming her, and riding her around the pasture and trails.


Meagan's deep compassion for others extends far beyond the walls of the hospital and the barn. She has a profound impact on everyone she meets, with her gentle nature and unwavering kindness. Those who know Meagan through her love of horses are struck by her unyielding dedication to their well-being. She is a strong advocate for horse rescue and is passionate about giving retired racehorses a second chance at life. Her commitment to Maybelle and her other equine companions is unwavering, and she is always the first to offer assistance, whether it's helping to muck out a stall or providing advice on the best way to care for an injury.


Overall, Meagan is a remarkable individual who brings a sense of warmth and kindness to everything she does. Whether it's caring for babies or horses, she approaches each task with the same level of compassion and dedication, making her a beloved member of both the nursing and equestrian communities.

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