A letter of thanks to the GB's family

                                                                                                                     June 29, 2022


 As we come to the middle of the year, we felt compelled to say thank you to our wonderful boarders, manager, staff, and support team.  As many of the “long-timers” know we have always loved what a great atmosphere each of you help create at GB’s as we strive to make this barn the best that it can be, but the overall positive vibes we have felt recently make us realize we have the perfect mesh right now and we are so glad that you are a part of it. 

When asked what kind of barn are we; going off our rider base, we are a cross country, western pleasure, dressage, trail riding, hunter, jumper, barrel racing, and retired horse barn, but realistically we are what Ernie’s lounge picture states, “Home for friends and family.”  As we seek to leave these past two chaotic years behind we want GB’s to always be your place of solitude, your horse’s happy place, the barn where you will make life long friends, and the stable that gives you all the amenities you could ever want. 

We work hard to enhance our facility, but we will never rest on our laurels as we continue to look at ways to improve GB’s and make it the best that it can be.  Though recent weather has not been favorable, we fertilized and sprayed all of our pasture/paddocks, as well as completed our new grass paddocks (giving us for the first time over half of our paddocks with grass and a total of 26 turnout areas plus the pasture).  We will always work to provide your horses the best turnout options, trails to ride, and arena to enjoy.  We will never push programs or activities on you, but will continue to offer them for you, your friends, family, and guests.  Molly is your main go to, but anytime you have ideas for activities or horse related events please let either of us know as we would love to host them.

We are so proud to say that over 2/3 of you have been with us for 2 or more years, but we always want to do whatever we can to keep you and your horses happy at GB’s.  Finally, a big thank you to our newest boarders because you are a joy to have and as a group have such a kind demeanor and cheerful heart.

So that was a very wordy way of us just saying thank you, but really thank you all!


We are here for you always,


The Williams’s